Meet the Committee

John O'Riordan - President, Workshops & Young Magicican club

Stuart Lipscombe - Chairman & Young Magician Club

Graham Ellis - Treasurer, Competition Organiser & Stage Manager

Jason Reeve - Librarian

Iain Cummings - Welfare

James Cooper - Secretary, Show Director & Lecture Organiser


The name of the Society shall be the ‘Mid Essex Magical 

Society, hereafter referred to as M.E.M.S. and shall have an annually elected committee at the AGM to act in the interest of M.E.M.S. and operate in a truly democratic way. There shall 

also operate a quorum; a minimum attendance of four committee members whose decisions shall be representative of the elected committee.



(a) To promote and encourage the art of Magic and Conjuring.

(b) To discourage the disclosure of magical secrets to the public.

(c) To respect an originator’s rights regarding invention and performance to abide by the “Magicians Ethical Code” and act in the interest of one-self and that of brother magicians